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Welcome to the St. Theresa Family



The St. Theresa PTA is looking forward to another exciting year.  Our PTA works to improve the wellbeing of all students by providing enrichment programs and funding, as well as promoting advocacy and involvement throughout the school. The PTA encourages the collaboration of parents and teachers in order to promote and enhance the learning and education of our students. 


It is the intention of the PTA to continue to build on the successes of previous years. With this in mind, the St. Theresa PTA needs your support.  Help us to achieve more for our children as only through your support we can make a difference.  There are many rewarding opportunities to enhance your child’s school experience and we invite you to take advantage of all the PTA has to offer. Our students, parents, and dedicated teachers are special, and St. Theresa Prep will continue to grow and improve because of this. You may contact us at  Looking forward to a fantastic school year.




Lisa Branford

PTA President



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