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Throughout the years, the St. Theresa Preparatory School has excelled academically and this has been made possible through the hard work, dedication and commitment of its staff. 


The school is guided by the curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education. View the Early Childhood and Primary School Curricula on the Ministry's web site.


The academic programme employed targets the age groups 3-12 years and is critically designed to develop children as they prepare to sit the required examinations and tests as stipulated by the Ministry of Education.



Daily After School Care

The After Care Programme caters to children enrolled in Kindergarten to Grade 2.  Students participating in this program will enjoy an atmosphere of care, fun and growth.  


Assistance is provided with homework and the children are able to unwind after a long day at school by watching movies and participating in other fun-filled activities.




  • Mesdames Y. Moseley- Johnson


  • Mrs. C Dakin/Ms. E. Douglas


  • Ms. C. Hylton

Scholarship Programmes

Several scholarships are offered at St. Theresa Preparatory School:-

  •  The Sr. Patricia Marie DiedricK

  •  The Noel Bingham

  •  The Hazel Gray

  •  NCB for GSAT Students obtaining 90% average and over 

  • Alexandria McKenzie - (a) Academic Excellence (b) Top Speller (who has been consistent from Grades 1 to 6.)


The Sr. Patricia Marie Diedrick is offered by the School in memory of her service to the school as Principal. This Scholarship is awarded to a student who exemplify the qualites of Sr. Pat:- kindness, generosity of spirit, politeness, someone who strives to live and love as Jesus did.


The Noel Bingham Scholarship is offered by the PTA and is given to a child that has excelled academically and whose parent has served the PTA over a period of time.


The Hazel Gray Award is in memory of a former Grade Six Teacher and is given to the student with the best overall academic performance.

Alexandria Mckenzie award sponsored by Dr. Dr. Shaniel Webster, past student in honour of her  teacher.


The most recent is the Madge Golding Award in memory of a former Grade Two Teacher and is given to the student with the best .

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