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News & Events

  Wednesday, June 29, 2022 SCHOOL CLOSES

  Mon, July 4- 21, 2022  SUMMER SCHOOL

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     EASTER TERM  2023


  • Monday 9th 


  • Monday-Friday 16-28

         First Semester Exam (All Subjects)


Black History Month/ Reggae Month

  • Monday 6th

         Bob Marley's Birthday

  • Thursday 9th

       Consultation Day

  • Friday 10th

        Career Day

  • Thursday 16th

         P.E.P. 6 Ability Test

  • Monday 20th

         Sports Day Kindergarten 

  • Tuesday 21st

         Sports Day Grades 1-6

  • Wednesday 22nd

         Ash Wednesday   

  • Thursday & Friday 23rd & 24th

         Mid Term

  • Monday 27th

        Classes resume


  • Friday 3rd

        Jamaica Day

  • Tuesday 7th

        Peace Day

     Thurdday 9th 

      P.T.A. General Meeting

  • Tuesday 21st 

        Family Worship

  • Wednesday 22nd

        P.E.P. 6 Language Arts Performance Task

        (K1-Gr. 5) work from home

  • Thursday 23rd

         P.E.P. 6 Mathematics Performance Task​ 

       (K1-Gr. 5) work from home



  • Tuesday 4th

        School close for Easter Vacation

  • Monday 17th

       School Re-opens for the                   Summer Term





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