Class Timetables


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Kindergarten K1:                              Kindergarten K2 D    

Mrs. Hylton and Mrs. Rosemarie           Mrs. Dakin



Kindergarten K2 A                            Kindergarten K3:


Ms. N. Anderson                                   Miss LaQuerre and Ms. Blackford



Grade 1:


Mrs. O'Connor 1O          Mrs.Moseley-Johnson 1J



Grade 2:


Mrs. Golding 2G             Mrs. Miller 2M 



Grade 3: 


Mrs. Burton 3B              Miss. Duncan 3D



Grade 4:


Miss Blair 4B                Miss. Wallace 4W



Grade 5                          

Miss Davis 5D   



Grade 6


Mrs. Greves-Staple 6S     Miss. Diane Lewis 6L 


Special Subjects:


Art & Library:      Computer:           Dance:      


 Mr. Fyffe              Ms.S. Duncan       Mrs. Harris



Music:                  Spanish:   


Mr. Cahn             Senor Scott





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